Yahoo and Alibaba Analysis Paper

a few. How provides the strategic worth of Yahoo to Alibaba changed as time passes since june 2006?

2005 was a tough season for Alibaba. Because of the US$100 million investment in Cina by craigs list, Alibaba and its particular subsidiary – Taobao droped into a extreme price warfare against auction web sites which impeded the profitability of the group and much more capital was necessary for operational and technological improvement in order to earn the challenge.

Under this kind of circumstance, Alibaba formed a partnership with Yahoo! Incorporation. Yahoo spent US$1 billion dollars in Alibaba and transferred the ownership of Askjeeve! China to Alibaba. Inturn, Yahoo got a 40% stake and 35% voting rights in Alibaba.

Beside the cash treatment, another reason to get the initiation of the alliance was that Alibaba valued very much on the significance of search engine due to its e-commerce job. At that time, still to pay Yahoo! Chinese suppliers was a competitive advantage of Alibaba against auction web sites.

At that time, Google had very much strategic worth to Alibaba due to its huge capital foundation and technology to help Alibaba safeguard it is market share underneath eBay's harm.

However , the operation of Yahoo! China under Alibaba was unsatisfactory. Since 2006, Yahoo! Chinese suppliers has been dropping its market share and lagging behind their rivals. Although Alibaba tried to re-orientate this as even more business-oriented to seize the market specific niche market, the effort is at vain. The influence of Yahoo! China and tiawan in the google search market in China decreased. Hence, it failed to bring attention of potential customers of Alibaba and was not competent to bring enough benefit to Alibaba resulting in a fall in strategic benefit of Bing!.

Even to get the parent or guardian of Bing! China – Yahoo! Inc., the story was more or less a similar. The net cash flow of Google dropped 78% in the initially quarter of 2009 which usually resulted in a tremendous layoff. As a result of low earnings, Yahoo produced a 10-year agreement with Microsoft. Under this contract, Yahoo were required to adopt Microsoft's search technology (Bing) rather than its own technology in all...

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