Wal-Mart Shareholders’ Report Essay

Wal-Mart shareholders' statement

Done by Anastasia Boyko,

January 13, 2013

Wal-Mart is a world's biggest consumer items retail owner that is undertaking better than the three of the closest competitors brought with each other. It generally operates in america, but is usually represented in 27 foreign countries. The important thing to the success of the claims lies in a collection of competitive positive aspects that are low prices achieved due to the great bargaining power of the corporation when coping with suppliers and a very successful logistics program that will also help to keep the expenses on a low level.

Unlike the competitors Wal-Mart has got an absolutely clear perspective and a very basic mission – to " make the customers' lifestyle cheaper” by giving them the minimum possible prices and at the same time give them a broad range of goods so that they could purchase everything in a single shop.

Therefore Wal-Mart provides an impressive very important worth for the purchasers – it provides them the chance to spend less cash and time on searching. It seems as a truly wonderful policy that serves for the best of the great majority of people.

The generic strategy Wal-Mart is definitely using may be the broad cost-leadership strategy and employing a number of drivers to attain cost benefit over competition. With its large supercenters it can be benefiting from the economies of scale getting and selling enormous amounts of products. Besides, it can be using site advantages for sourcing inputs by simply placing their logistics centers in the best possible locations and dealing with the suppliers through the countries with cheap labor and costs of goods. Finally, Wal-Mart is definitely using its getting power to drive suppliers to the lowest possible deal prices, since it purchases a lot and often becomes the biggest consumer of the supplier companies.

This can be a very good company with net revenue of $443 billion and outstanding 30% market share that positions alone as the best low-cost store. The figures of profitability also prove that Wal-Mart business design is...

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