25th Hour Essay

Do you think this video represents males in a way that is typical of Hollywood film?

25th Hour does not really change the way men happen to be represented inside the typical Hollywood films. In those motion pictures, men have to suppress their particular emotions and endure hardship without complaint. They dismiss signs of condition and go through silently. Additionally there is a lot of hostile competition together. Men have to represents natural beauty, sexuality, category, and prosperity in order to be good. They also have to get a certain amount of dominance over woman. 25th Hour presents men as they were displayed in " film noir”. In this form of film, guys want to offer protection to the women, there is an emotional attitude going on without displaying directly their very own emotions, plus they are trapped by a social circumstance. In twenty fifth Hour, Monty does a lot of the frequentation and provides a lot of flashbacks just like it will be in a " film noir”. We often enter into his mind, and we uncover what he is considering. Monty can be trapped, and that we can see it through the mise-en-scène where we come across at the beginning Monty through pubs. This clearly is a foreshadow of the fact that he can be trapped in prison later on. This individual also wants to give security to the puppy he discovers and to Naturelle. Monty suppresses his thoughts and puts up with everything with out complaining. If he asks Frank to hit him, he does not show emotions and endures silently. Although he has to go in prison, he presents beauty, sexuality, class, and wealth, mainly because women like him. Monty also demonstrates that he has a kind of power over Naturelle, a sort of prominence, which makes the representation of men such as the typical Hollywood films. Generally there also is a lot of competition going on this film. For instance , there is a scene where John and Frank are speaking about about who will be more successful. Frank is taken in a low shot, which make him seem superior. He has funds, class, and virility. Alternatively, Jake can be shot within a low shot, which makes him inferior. This individual has funds, but would not...

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