The Conclusion of Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men Dissertation

As the boys came through the clearing and near the riv, the puppies picked up the smell of Lennie right away. As soon as they will found Lennie, Curly and the other men quickly certain Lennie with hay twine and put him on a horse. As they rode into the farmhouse, Curly retained a gun in Lennie's go get the every difficult step that felt like and eternity. Lennie was baffled. He wanted to stop her from screaming. Small brainless talk was brought up throughout the trip through the hot dried out grasslands to help break the awkward stop.

If the men displayed across the barnyard with their award, their trophy, Lennie, George could not observe. It was hard for George to see his best friend, his only accurate companion to get bound just like a dead dog and paraded around. George retreated in the bunkhouse and was quickly joined by Candy. Candy was unfortunate that Lennie had gotten in to trouble and today their fantasy was above. George and Candy weren't only concerned with their dream, but the fortune of their spouse. What will Curly perform?

The next day the farm was awakened by innocent cry of Lennie. George travelled running to the rescue, to look for that not saving was feasible. Curly was whipping Lennie, like a madman. Lennie's eyes looked at George longingly, aiming to reach out to get the help of his dearest friend, but there were no help to give. Seeing his friend be caged up such as a wild creature and at the mercy of such and insecure man-made George furious. And the reality George couldn't do anything about it made him feel so terrible that he could not take that anymore. This individual turned on Ugly; taking him down ahead of he understood what hit him. Because Curly lay unconscious on the floor, George undid Lennie's leaf spring shackles and jewelry and set him free.

Lennie was so pleased and as quick as they may they located Candy and so they all three loaded up their belonging and began the long walk to A?oranza.

When they found its way to Soledad, they each bought a tour bus ticket, a ticket to flexibility, to a farmville farm in the country...

How Steinbeck Portrays the character of Lennie George in «Of Mice Men» Dissertation