Planned Motherhood high risk of teenage motherhood Essay

п»їTeen being pregnant has become such an issue facing America that President Clinton has dealt with the issue. Statistics show that every two minutes a youngster gives beginning in the United States (Guernsey 6). Because of this at least three thousands of teenage girls get pregnant every day many one millione teenagers get pregnant every year ( Four in ten adolescent girls become pregnant at least once before they reach age twenty. For this reason high number, the usa has the highest teen pregnant state rate in most of the developing world. In New York condition alone, sixty one, 700 young adults become pregant each year, ranking New York amount forty two in the U. S i9000. However just 22, 197 of those teens go on to get the baby, leaving New York quantity fourteen in teenagers having a baby every year ( In the U. S. more than 500, 1000 teens keep their babies, 100, 1000 put them up for a doption, and 400.00, 000 tend to have an illigal baby killing (Gutman 7).

Unfortunately, pregnant young adults in society today are too often defined as sluts. While the majority of gilrs become pregnant by chance, a small quantity become pregnant on purpose. These girls feel that they are loved, and have absolutely someone to appreciate, or that the missing emptiness in their ife will be filled. Worst of all some girls plan to become pregnant to cure a romantic relationship or to hold on to a sweetheart. The fact is, if two people are in a shaky, struggling relationship, having baby will merely bring on more stress and turmoil. For the other girls whom become pregnant accidentally this is due to carelessness, lack of knowledege, the it can t affect me frame of mind, or just actually by accident. For most girls, they may be under the false pretense thatthey cannot become pregnant the first time they have sex. Not merely is this phony, but 1 out of twenty young ladies become pregnant the first time they have sexual, and ninty percent of teen pregancies occur in the first yr of having sexual (Guernsey 19-20)....

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