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Vol. 2 Number 1

Internet for Dummies -- skip this if you are a Unix sorcerer. But if you read on you may some more kewl hacking instructions. ____________________________________________________________

The six Guides to (mostly) Harmless Hacking of Vol. 1 jumped immediately into how-to hacking tricks. But if you are like me personally, all those information on probing slots and playing with hypotheses and pinging down hosts gets a little wild. So how regarding catching each of our breath, standing up back and researching what the daylights it is that individuals are using? Once we find the basics manageable, we then can will leave your site and go to serious cracking. Also, I've been wrestling with my notion over if to start offering you step-by-step guidance on how to gain root access to other peoples' computers. The small angel on my right shoulder whispers, " Gaining root without agreement on other's computers can be not great. So don't tell persons how to undertake it. ” The tiny devil in the left glenohumeral joint says, " Carolyn, all of these hackers believe you don't understand nothin'! PROOVE to these people you know how to crack! ” The little angel says, " If anyone reading Guide to (mostly) Harmless Cracking tries out their trick, you can find in trouble while using law pertaining to conspiracy to damage other peoples' pcs. ” The limited devil says, " But , Carolyn, inform people tips on how to crack in root and they will think you are KEWL! ” And so here's the deal. In this plus the next couple of issues of Guide to (mostly) Harmless Hacking I'll tell you several techniques for getting logged on while the superuser in the root account of some Net host pcs. But the instructions will leave a thing or two to the imagination. My personal theory is that if you are willing to wade through this, you probably aren't one of those affordable thrills hacker wannabes would you use this expertise to do something destructive that might land you in jail. *****************************

Specialized tip: If you wish to become a *serious* hacker, you have to pick Linux (a freeware variety of Unix) on your PC. One purpose is that then you can certainly crack in to root officially all you want -- on your own laptop. It sure beats struggling around in someone else's computer only to find that what you thought was root was a cleverly set snare and the sysadmin and FBI laugh at you all the way to prison. Linux may be installed on a PC with as little as a 386 CENTRAL PROCESSING UNIT, only two Mb RAM and as very little as 20 MB of hard disk. You need to reformat the hard disk. Although some people have effectively installed Apache without trashing their DOS/Windows stuff, don't count on getting away with it. Backup, back up, backup! *****************************


You can go to imprisonment warning: Split into main on someone else's computer and the slammer becomes a definite likelihood. Think about this: possibly a report about a lot of hacker receiving busted, how often do you understand the term? How often is definitely the latest bust line being done to someone well-known, like Dark Tangent or perhaps se7en or Emmanuel Goldstein? How about, like, never! That is because great hackers learn how to not carry out stupid stuff. They discover how to crack in computers intended for the perceptive challenge and to figure out how to make computers safe from intruders. That they don't half truths their method into basic and make a mess of things, which usually tends to motivate sysadmins to call the cops. *********************************

Fascinating notice: Could it be too monotonous to just compromise into your personal Linux machine? Hang inside. Ira Winkler of the Countrywide Computer Security Association, Dean Garlick in the Space Mechanics Lab of Utah State University and I are working in setting up crack. net, a spot where it will be legal in order to into pcs. Not only...

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