Financial Management Essay

Target Questions and Answers of economic Management

1 ) State if each of the following statements holds true (T) or perhaps False(F) (i) Financial assertions are an crucial source of info to shareholders and stakeholders. (ii) Both BS and the IS displays the financial position of fen at the end with the year. (ii) BS of the company should be prepared in the horizontal file format only. (iv) Preparation of Profit & Loss Prise A/c is actually a requirement underneath the Companies Take action, 1956. (v) Ratio Analysis is the only technique of research of financial transactions. (vi) Organized presentation of economic statements helps in Nation of various ratios. (vii) In Common Size Statements, every item is expressed like a percentage of some common items (total). (viii) Craze Percentage Evaluation helps in Active Analysis.

(ix) Liquidity Proportions help in analysing the cash location of the organization. (x) In calculation of Acid Test Rate, Inventory is included in current assets. (xi) Working Capital Turnover Ratio may be classified since an Activity Proportion. (xii) Debt-Equity Ratio is a measure of long-term solvency of the firm. (xiii) GP Ratio and NP Ratio supply the profitability with the firm from the point of view of the investors. (xiv) Returning on Equity and Profits per Reveal are equivalent. (xv) DU PONT Research looks into the elements of earnings.

(xvi) Percentage Analysis offers the solution to the financial challenges. Answers: (i) T, (ii) F, (iii) F, (iv) F, (v) F, (vi) T, (vii) T, (viii) T, (ix) F, (x) F, (xi) T, (xii) T, (xiii) F, (xiv) F, (xv) T, (xvi) F. ]

installment payments on your Multiple Choice Questions:

1 . Accounting Proportions are important equipment used by (a) Managers, (b) Researchers, (c)Investors, (d) All the above 2 . Net Income Ratio Indicates: (a) Operational Profitability, (b) Liquidity Placement, (c) Big-term Solvency, (d)Profit for Lenders. 3. Working Capital Turnover actions the relationship of Working Capital with: (a)Fixed Assets, (b)Sales, (c)Purchases, (d)Stock.

4. In Percentage Analysis, the word Capital Utilized refers to:

(a)Equity Share Capital, (b)Net well worth, (c)Shareholders' Money, (d)None in the above. five. Dividend Payout Ratio is definitely:

(a)PAT Capital, (b)DPS Г· EPS, (c) Pref. Gross Г· DAB, (d) Pref. Dividend Г· Equity Gross. 6. I PONT Research deals with:

(a) Analysis of Current Property, (b)Analysis of Profit, (c)Capital Budgeting, (d) Analysis of Fixed Property. 7. In Net Earnings Ratio, the denominator is definitely: (a)Net Purchases, (b)Net Product sales, (c) Credit Sales, (d) Cost of products sold. eight. Inventory Yield measures the partnership of inventory with: (a) Average Product sales, (b)Cost of Goods Sold, (c)Total Purchases, (d) Total Possessions. 9. The term 'EVA' is used for:

(a)Extra Value Evaluation, (b)Economic Useful, (c)Expected Value Analysis, (d)Engineering Value Evaluation. 10. Return on Investment may be increased by:

(a)Increasing Turnover, (b) Reducing Bills, (c)Increasing Capital Utilization, (d)All of the above. 11. In Current Percentage, Current Possessions are in comparison with:

(a)Current Earnings, (b)Current Liabilities, (c)Fixed Property, (d)Equity Share Capital. 12. ABC Limited. has a Current Ratio of 1. 5: 1 and Net Current Assets of Rs. 5, 00, 000. Exactly what are the Current Possessions? (a)Rs. 5, 00, 500, (b)Rs. 15, 00, 000, (c)Rs. 12-15, 00, 1000, (d) Rs. 25, 00, 000 13. There is degeneration in the supervision of working capital of XYZ Ltd. What does it consider? (a)That the Capital Employed has reduced, (b)That the Profitability went up, (c)That debtors collection period has grown, (d)That Revenue has reduced. 14. Which of the following does not help to increase Current Rate? (a)Issue of Debentures to buy Stock, (b)Issue of Debentures to shell out Creditors, (c)Sale of Expense to shell out Creditors, (d)Avail Bank Overdraft to buy Equipment. 75. Debt to Total Assets Ratio could be improved by simply:

(a)Borrowing More, (b)Issue of Debentures, (c)Issue of Collateral Shares, (d)Redemption of Financial debt. 16. Percentage of Net gain to Volume of Equity Stocks and shares known as: (a)Price Earnings Rate, (b) Net Profit Proportion, (c)Earnings every...

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