Diploma in operation Management Exam Research Conventional paper

Diploma in Business Management (DBM)

Specializations: -- Operation Administration

N. W.: 1) Strive any Five Questions

2) All questions hold equal represents.

Case Study one particular: -

See the case carefully and solution the inquiries at the end of the watch case. Good Shepherd Home

The great Shepherd Home is a long lasting care facility with an 80-bed ability located in San Mateo, Cal. Mr. Scott, the officer is concerned round rising meals costs. This individual questions whether administration can be efficient as it could be and realizes that food, a " natural material" pertaining to his meals services, features increases in cost significantly. Mister. Scott decides to investigate meals services even more closely. Analyzing last month's purchased items, Mr. Scott summarizes a random number of items. Mister. Scott wonders what meaning he will need to make regarding these typical products. He offers looked at 90 stock things and is looking at tighter handles (dozens, circumstances, pounds, and so forth ) had been ordered. Normal Inventory Things

|Number of Stock Things |Quantity Purchased (in units) |Total Cost (in $) |Average Products on hand (in $) | |3 |50 |3, 500 |1, 200 | |12 |150 |2, 500 |900 | |20 |200 |1, five-hundred |600 | |40 |400 |2, 500 |200 | |25 |200 |500 |200

Of particular curiosity is a problem with a perishable good. Since the home provides residents in independent living units and eating with the home irregularly, bread demand is unequal. Bread is definitely delivered daily and is used that time for desk meal assistance only; the day-old bread is restored for dressing and related dishes. Jeff estimates the expense of bread to become $0. 73% loaf and the cost of day-old bread to get $0. 25%loaf, Scott says, " We need to not be out of fresh breads at the table. Although guy cannot live by loaf of bread alone, it is crucial to our occupants. I place a high cost on becoming out of bread -- considerably more than the cost of a loaf, In fact , I think every time we be depleted of loaf of bread, it costs a money per loaf short in goodwill previous from our occupants. " Understanding how Mr. Scott feels, the food services director has a standing up order to get 30 loaves/day and twice that amount on Sunday. The necessity for bread for the last a couple weeks is demonstrated below: Bread Demand (in loaves)

|Day |Week one particular |Week a couple of | |Mon |20 |19 | |Tue |15 |27 | |Wed |21 |20 | |Thu |30 |32 | |Fri |31 |27 | |Sat |19 |16 | |Sun |42 |39

In conversation with Mr. Jeff, the supervisor...

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