Essay about Chicano Studies 141a Research Guide you

Chicano Research 141a

U. S. History/Chicano Perspective

Mike Ornelas


I. Have the ability to identify and present the significance in the following: Popé Aztlán

hispanophobia el demanda

ToypurinaJuan de Oñate

Mix Marcos de Niza Great Southwestern Mutiny

Aristotelian theory Jeronimo para Aguilar

" conspicuous exoticism”Malintzin Tenepal

Echeveste RegulationsThe Spanish Colonie

The Black LegendGonzalo Guerrero

" plague of immorality”microbe shock

" uto-Aztecan" Book of Martyrs

Cabeza de VacaGarci Ordoñez de Montalvo

" mestizaje" Good America

Antonio de MontesinosBartolome de todas las Casas

ce-acatllimpieza de matanza


Ordinances of Pacification of 1573Luis Tupatú

panda de razónladinoization

" mom culture”century of depression

II. Be prepared to publish an dissertation on the following:

1 . Using the Castañeda article, be prepared to describe how studies of lovemaking violence simply by soldiers against Amerindian ladies threatened the whole mission policy for California, the way the notion of Aristotelian theory applies, the symbolic meanings of rasurado, how afeitado is validated by mastering nations. Pp. 67-89

2 . The 3 main evolving pictures (pre-Columbian, The spanish language mythological and colonial) with the Southwest, with examples. (Chavez, pp 17-36).

3. The four key categories of anti-Mexicanist thought and offer an example for every single of the 4 categories throughout the sixteenth throughout the eighteenth generations. (Paredes. Pp. 91-121))

4. The factors that contributed to the Spanish Conquest of the Aztec empire (1519-1521). ( hand-outs and discussion in the classroom.

5. The historic European and American-derived factors which will contributed to the Spanish passion with destreza de inalterable. Describe the " fundamental dichotomy” that pervaded this thought following the American conquests. (Gutierrez, pp. 55-66)

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