Cabling Unit 8 Dissertation

Andrea Funds

Unit eight. Exercise 1 . Mechanical Splice of Fiber Optic Cable television

To prepare to get mechanical splicing, make sure you have got a clean, dry, and well lighted work area. Perform all your job over a fiber- optic pad and place any scrap optical fibers inside their proper pot. Before you begin splicing the dietary fiber you want to be sure you have the following tools prepared; Mechanical splice assembly tool, mechanical splice, buffer and coating removing tool, optical fiber cleaning fluid, lint- free baby wipes, and a cleaver.

When you have all your materials together move forward with the subsequent steps: 1 . Remove the physical splice from its protective the labels and load the splice in the assembly application by hitting firmly at the ends with the splice. Tend not to depress the raised section on the physical splice. installment payments on your Strip about 3cm of buffer and/ or layer from the optic fiber by using a stripper. a few. Clean the optical fiber by pulling the fiber through a lint- cost-free wipe drenched in optic fiber cleaning fluid. some. Place the optic fiber in the cleaver, towards the length specified by the physical splice company. 5. Split the optical fiber. six. If the evaluate is presented, check the split length while using gauge. several. Repeat steps 2 through 6 intended for the various other fiber end to be spliced. 8. Push the other cleaved optic fiber in to the other end of the mechanical splice until it stops moving. 15. Place the two optical fabric in the clamping mechanisms around the opposite attributes of the splicing tool, forming a customized loop in the optical fibers. 11. Pivot the splicing tool handle down until it contacts the very best of the splice, then squeeze the device handle to complete mount and locking mechanism the spliced ends in place. 12. Remove the optical fibres from the clamping mechanism and lift the mechanical splice from the tool.

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