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Public sector duty regarding socio-economic inequalities

(1)An authority that this section does apply must, when making decisions of your strategic characteristics about how to exercise its functions, have got due respect to the desirability of doing exercises them in a method that is designed to decrease the inequalities of outcome which in turn result from socio-economic disadvantage. (2)In deciding how to fulfil a duty to which it truly is subject underneath subsection (1), an specialist must think about any direction issued by a Minister in the Crown. (3)The authorities where this section can be applied are—

(a)a Minister from the Crown;

(b)a government department other than the Security Service, the key Intelligence Services or the Govt Communications Head-quarters; (c)a region council or district authorities in England;

(d)the Greater Greater london Authority;

(e)a London borough council;

(f)the Common Council of the City of London in the capacity being a local expert; (g)the Authorities of the Isles of Scilly;

(h)a Ideal Health Specialist established underneath section 13 of the National Health Service Act 2006, or ongoing in existence due to that section; (i)a Main Care Trust established below section 18 of that Act, or continuing in existence due to that section; (j)a regional development agency established by the Regional Advancement Agencies Act 1998; (k)a police specialist established intended for an area in the uk.

(4)This section also applies to an specialist that—

(a)is a partner authority in relation to a responsible local power, and (b)does not show up within subsection (3), although only pertaining to its engagement in the planning or customization of a eco friendly community approach. (5)In subsection (4)—

" partner authority” has the that means given by section 104 of the Local Government and Public Engagement in Well being Act 3 years ago; " liable local authority” has the that means given by section 103 of the Act; " sustainable community strategy” means a strategy well prepared under section 4 of...

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